The Best Start Here

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the premier amateur physique organization in the world. Since 1982, it has produced many of the world's famous physique athletes. Competing through the ranks of the NPC Worldwide starts with a regional level competition, leading to national-level, pro qualifier competitions where the best athletes can earn their IFBB Professional League Pro status.

For most athletes, the calling card of the IFBB Professional League is the Olympia - often referred to as the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. Only athletes who have earned an IFBB Professional League card have the opportunity to compete at these prestigious events, with the best professional bodybuilding athletes in the world.

Athlete Exposure

The NPC Worldwide prides itself on promoting its athletes through various media platforms. Stage shots from competitions are shared through NPC News Online, giving every athlete exposure at an international level. Athlete features and interviews on NPC News Online have the chance to reach both mainstream and hardcore media – introducing the athletes to a wide audience for potential affiliate deals and sponsorships.

For athletes looking to start or build a fitness business, being featured on NPC News Online can be incredibly beneficial. This exposure is a way to gain recognition, advertise, and provide credentials for the personal training and dieting businesses of athletes who are trainers and coaches themselves, or aspire to be!

Competing with the NPC Worldwide

The NPC Worldwide competitions host all IFBB Pro League recognized categories including:

  • Bikini
  • Wellness
  • Figure
  • Fitness
  • Classic Physique
  • Women's and Men's Physique
  • Women's and Men's Bodybuilding
  • Athletes can compete with all ages in the "Open" class, or in age-specific categories (as available). Each category has mandatory poses, allowing the judges to directly compare athlete's physiques.

    For competitor rules including suit requirements, posing, and judging criteria, please click on the category of interest:

    Women's Physique
    Men's Physique
    Classic Physique

    To learn more about the Organization, please visit: