The premiere Colombia International Natural IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier is excited to host the best of the best amateur bodybuilding competitors. As an international event, athletes from around the world will convene to battle for their shot at an elusive pro card.

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, will host this prestigious event. Sitting nearly 9,000 feet above sea level, this South American city is full of beautiful sights and architecture. Located in central Colombia, Bogotá is the political, economic, cultural, and sports hub of the country.
With a culture rich in diversity, Bogotá is welcoming to everyone. We invite you to come experience everything our incredible city and country has to offer.

With eight pro cards to be awarded, the caliber of athletes is sure to be incredible. The promoting team is ready to deliver a high-quality experience for everyone, athletes, friends, family, and bodybuilding fans alike. We welcome you to explore our beautiful city and support the athletes as they step on stage to showcase all their hard work.

NOV 16, 2019